Users are your co-workers and employees who each receive their own login information. Think of it as Gmail for time & attendance.

Add several employees at once

For bulk import of all your employees please click the 'Add employee' card. If you'd like to assign admin rights to certain users, you can learn to do this here. 

Add individual employees and assign priviliges

To add users one by one, choose the 'Employees' tab first, click on the 'Add employee' button and enter their name, surname and email.

You can give administration priviliges and assign individual rules for this employee here. By default you add employees without admin status and with rules inherited from your company wide settings.

After entering the employees' e-mail, they will receive a link for setting the password.

If you would like them to set-up their accounts on their own (entering names, e-mails, etc.) you can also provide them with your company code.
Employees should visit the sign-in screen and click "I have a company code".

You can find the company code under your Company profile in the settings:

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