To setup your office hours and other rules visit Settings -> Calculation Rules

The time your employees can be at work is called "Work time rule". You can set your office hours here. Attendance will only be registered during these hours.

Next you can configure the "Plan" rule or the number of hours to be worked each day. The default is 8 hours during the week and 0 during weekends.

Flexible working time:

The "Working time" and "Plan" rules explained above allow you to keep track of flexible working time. 

Employees who come in during "Working time" or office hours will need to fulfill their daily plan. Otherwise, their time balance will become negative. You will be able to see how much time they missed in the reports.

Traditional 9 to 5

With the "Required time rule", you can set the time employees should start and finish work, for instance from 9 am till 5 pm.

Other rules

You can also import holidays, set lunch breaks and short breaks and set the period for balance reset. For details refer to the Rules section of our help center.

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