In the 'Timeline' view you can download various types of reports for individual employees or for teams.

1. Daily Summary

This report shows the summary of information for a person or a team by days. 

Information included: Plan, Paid Time, Unpaid Time, Vacation, Trips, Sick leaves, Paid Absences, Unpaid Absences, Difference, Balance, First Arrival, Last Departure.


Advanced types of reports

2. Daily Detailed

Here you can find the more detailed information for a person or a team by days. 

Additional information included: Lunch Break Time, Lunch Break Count, Workdays,   Work free days, Balance corrections, First Event, Last Event.

3. Time Segments

This report includes detailed presence information for all time segments of the day. 

You can see whether person is missing or present and also the type of presence (paid presence, unpaid presence) or absence (vacation, sick leave, trip, paid absence, unpaid absence, lunch break).

4. Clockings

Here you can export all the clockings (timestamps) in a chosen time period. 

You also get the information about the usage of different ways of clocking: AH Clock, NFC Tag, Geolocation and Bluetooth Beacon. 

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